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Here’s an obligatory clip from Simon’s first “concert” at school.

The season is almost here. The Hokies start the season with a huge game against #5 Alabama in Atlanta, GA on September 5 (8:00PM, ABC) . If this doesn’t get you excited for the game, nothing will.

Go Hokies!

I swear, this was not coached by me in any way, shape, or form. Kate is sad she got left out.

I give you a cute Simon video.

A friend shared this video on Facebook. It is some seriously amazing, creative, quirky, and whimsical fun. Check it out.

La Choy Dragon commercial. So funny.

Also, I promised to post the following pictures nearly a month ago. Some smarty pants thought it would be humorous to wear a Cincinnati sweatshirt and get a picture with Mary before the Orange Bowl. Who’s laughing now?

I give you Peter Across The Street’s Dad (and a bonus picture with Peter across the street).

Somebody Thinks They're Funny

Peter Across The Street

I just finished paying bills and am avoiding the piled up photos I need to process. I have two pics from Peter Across The Street’s Mom that I need to post, a basement that is a disaster area, and a laundry list of stuff to do that is waaaaay to long. So what do I do? Procrastinate by finding this gem in my archived videos. Enjoy. This is circa December 2006.