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Please stop asking me where the next picture of the week will be. I know you are all desperate for your weekly Mary fix, but I just can’t deal with the zeros and zeros of nagging emails from you people. Truthfully, the only person who has reminded me about Picture of the Week (several times) is my lovely wife. I have flat forgotten about it a couple of times this week, and have put it off several other times for Caps games, the Lost finale, etc. So between my laziness and forgetfulness, I’m nearly a week late.

And the next one is going to be late as well, because I forgot to send a camera with Kate and Mary (who are currently on their way to New York). Doh!

Guest Starring: Simon!

Looking Dour

Click through to the Flickr page for an outtake.

Who’s the prettiest in the land?

Mirror, Mirror in my Hand

She’s ready, man.

Is it Football Season Yet?

She’s wearing her lovely easter dress here. So cute!

Easter Smile

Rocking out in Mommy’s old hat on Palm Sunday. Kate took this while in Houston with the kids visiting her paternal grandparents.

Palm Sunday Hat

Kate and the kids are in Texas and New York until Easter. That means that Kate was responsible for getting a weekly picture of Mary this past weekend. As she has no way to pull the pics off the camera, Mary’s weekly picture will be delayed until after Easter.

Fun at the farm despite the dreary weather.

Enjoying the Rain