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Sick on her birthday, but she still enjoyed her cake!

This is the final picture in the Mary Weekly set. As with Simon, the majority of Mary pictures from now on will be flagged Friends and Family only on Flickr. If you’d like to keep tabs on Mary and aren’t already a friend/family on flickr, let me know!

Happy 1st Birthday, Mary

On a stool, next to the oven. . . nothing good can come of this. She’s definitely one.

This weekly photo was delayed both in it’s taking (taken on Monday 6/21) and it’s posting due to sickness. Now SHE’s the one who’s sick, on her BIRTHDAY. One more picture to go, hopefully at her party on Saturday. My poor baby. Happy Birthday, sweetie.


Those two bottom teeth have been around for a while now, but are just starting to show up well in the pictures.


She ate her weight in strawberries.

Strawberry Fiend

By the end of 2 days at the beach, she was exhausted.

Worn-Out Beach Bum

This little imp is officially walking.


Blurry? Yeah. But matching outfits! The cuteness is overwhelming. Overwhelming, I say!

I nearly went with this nicely posed shot, but this one seemed so much more interesting.

He's 'Helping'

Very nearly walking. Any day now.