Personal Blogs – An Endangered Species?

This blog is not unique. There are plenty of self interested pseudo writers on the internet who obsess about their kids, their interests, and their neurotic pets. But not as many as there used to be. I have many friends who have started, and subsequently abandoned, blogs. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Carrie, Jackie, Kevin, and (gasp!) my own lovely wife, who has abandoned not one, but TWO blogs. And that’s just to name a few.

Now, this isn’t an indictment of former bloggers. Rather, I was just musing on what seems to be a decrease (at least amongst my friends) in their blogging habits. I’m thinking there is a combination of reasons:

  • A simple loss of interest
  • Increased concern about online privacy
  • The rise of other social networking mediums on the web like MySpace and Facebook
  • “Who the *@#&$*! has time to blog anymore? I’ve got kids. And a job. And a dog. And hobbies. Get a freaking LIFE you loser!”

While the other three reasons should not be discounted, I think that the third item probably carries the most weight. Why spend the time and effort to write a lengthy post about why your friends aren’t blogging when you can instead post “is wondering why his friends have stopped blogging” to your Facebook status? Which, incidentally, I have also done. The new version of Facebook even lets people give feedback directly on status updates, posted links, and photos.

So why do I cling to this (apparently) antiquated medium? Is it my tendency towards the wordy? Is it my desperate narcissism? It’s probably some combination of both. So what’s the word my former blogging friends? Has Facebook put the proverbial nail in your blog’s coffin?

What type of music does Eddie from Ohio play?

Eddie from OhioI’m going to the Eddie from Ohio concert at Wolftrap on Friday. While discussing this with my mother-in-law she made a comment that generalized the genre of music that EFO plays. Seeing as a number of people who read this blog are familiar with EFO, I’m posing the question to you.

So if you had to peg EFO as being of a certain “genre”, what would that be? Post your answer in the comments. If somebody has already posted the answer that you KNOW TO BE THE RIGHT ONE, post it again anyway. I’m looking for a general consensus here people. A general consensus that I can then use to empirically prove my mother-in-law WRONG! You have the power. Use it for good.

And Mom, even though you’re wrong, you know I still love you.

The Importance of Proofreading

I don’t claim to be an engaging writer. I claim to be a mostly competent writer. Then I read drivel like this from my last post:

The fact that we share a cell phone and me having an iPhone that spends all day in the diaper bag and/or Kate’s purse kind of defeats the point for me.

Ew. Really? I re-read all my posts before I publish them. How in the world did that pass muster? Fortunately, in the ever-changing medium that is the web, I can sit down the next morning, realize my temporary insanity, and change it to something like this:

Kate and I share a cell phone. That means my fictitious iPhone would spend all day in the diaper bag and/or Kate’s purse. Doesn’t that defeat the point?

Proofreading is good.

And now for something whimsical and fun.

Apple has real knack for picking catchy and previously unknown (at least to me) music for their advertisements. New Soul, by Yael Naim is the song they used for the Macbook Air. Out of curiosity (because I wanted to hear it in it’s entirety), I looked it up on YouTube. I was pleasantly surprised by the video. It is whimsical, fun, and it makes me smile. Hopefully it will do the same for you.

Targetted Advertising?

Now how is this for scary? A buddy of mine and I are in a fantasy football league together. We discovered a small but significant difference in the way the league page is displayed to each of us. The way it was displayed in my browser is shown on the left, and the way it was displayed in his is on the right. He is twelve years older than me. Coincidence? I think not.

Targeted Advertisement

I love the rain. . .

Has it been over a month since I’ve posted? Wow, I’m getting to be as bad as my wife. I don’t really have anything specific to talk about – this is really just a post for the sake of posting.

I’m ALREADY tired of the summer. Is that wrong? I like sunshine as much as the next fellow, but heat and humidity is just not my bag. The fact that we had such beautiful weather this past weekend (low-mid 80s, practically zero humidity) just makes the impending heat and humidity of the next couple of days seem that much more oppressive. In fact, I was looking at the forecast for Friday, and is currently predicting a high of 70, with overcast skies, and rain in the evening. Rain!

I love the rain. I almost love a cold, dreary, rainy day as much as I do a beautiful sunshiny one. Kevin, who I roomed with in college, I’m sure could attest to this personality-quirk. I find rain soothing. I love the sound of it as I’m falling asleep. I love drinking a hot cup of coffee and reading the paper (or a book, or the web, or watching a movie, etc.) while it’s raining outside. Oh, and my grass desperately needs it.

So bring on the rain.