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I designed this business card for an electrician friend of mine. He picked this from several options. The nice thing about this card is that it ties in with the Web site – which is not available for public viewing just yet. The design is finished, but the content needs to be written and plugged in. Once it has been, it ties in nicely with this card. I made sure that I ordered cards that were white on the back and had a coating that could be written on with a ballpoint pen, as business cards are often a de facto note pad at conferences meetings, etc. This is the card that he picked (and I liked best too, due to the tie-in with his Web site):

Collins Electric Business Card
And this is the one that was (in my mind, anyway) a very close second:

Collins Electric Business Card (Runner Up)
When the site is finished I’ll post about it here.

Business Card Design

I could write about how tonight is the beginning of the Redskins football season, or possibly reminisce about the Hokies resounding victory this weekend in Chapel Hill. But the readers of this blog generally give a resounding “Yawn” whenever I talk sports (there are a few noted exceptions – Hi Carrie!).

But in the effort to occasionally post something to my blog, I’ve decided to post about Kate’s business, KC Quilts. She’s enlisted me to provide Web and graphic design expertise (or a an imitation thereof) for her business venture. I leave the quilt making to her.

I’ve done a couple different items for her so far. The blog, these fabric labels, and a design for a business cards were the first three items on the docket. Next up is the rest of the Web site. Today, we got her business cards in the mail from They came out really nice, and I would definitely recommend 48 hour printing. The only complaint I have is that the coating they use stinks. No, seriously. It actually stinks. I think the business cards need to air out a bit before they are put in a holder for Kate to carry around with her. Nobody wants to be handed a stinky business card.

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