Book Review

A Single Shard, by Linda Sue Park

warning: spoiler alert

Main character: Tree-ear

I would give this book five stars because it was very good and I highly recommend it!

It is about a boy in Korea named Tree-ear. He lives under a bridge in a potters’ village with his friend Crane-man. He likes to watch the best potter in the village, Min, who is also known for his short temper! One day he accidentally breaks a box and a strange adventure unfolds.

Things I like about the book:

-crane-man: because he is very kind

-Min’s wife: because she is very kind

-Tree-ear: because he is energetic and is fun to read about

Things I do not like about the book:

-that crane-man died

-that the pottery broke

homeschooling week 5

Last week I didn’t blog because I was at Grammy and Pop Pop’s house (Jimmy and Mommy were at the dentist).

This week, Mary started homeschooling because she didn’t like virtual school. We finished learning about Ancient Greece. It was a very fun unit. I finished the first Anne of Green Gables book. We are watching the movie (the book is better).

This week in art, we did pictures of stuff with oil pastels. Me and Jimmy and Simon didn’t do pictures of stuff – we just drew what we wanted. (Mommy says that the stuff is called a “still life”). Here are some pictures:^

homeschooling week 3

This week we started learning about Ancient Greece. We learned that slaves have to shave their head! They shouldn’t even have slaves! We also learned about the Greek Alphabet and we wrote some words in Greek. I have made two sentences.

We read a read aloud. It is a historical fiction book called, “The Mark of the Cyclops.” I liked it. I made Greek paper dolls.

I’m not a Yankees fan I just like the hat!

homeschooling week 2

This week we had Harry Potter day. It’s called Harry Potter day because Hogwarts starts on September 1st. We had some harry potter treats:

-butter beer

-Bertie Botts every flavour beans

We also listened to the first Harry Potter book. It took three days! Jimmy got a surprise. It was a Hufflepuff robe. He really likes it. We played a Harry Potter game. Simon quit in the middle of the game. It was really fun!

homeschooling week 1

Mommy, Jimmy and I started homeschool this week! I am doing measurement in math. I made a ruler out of Lucy thumbs. There are 13 of them!

We play games a lot. We also got a new game. It’s called: Miss Bernard is a Wild Card! Jimmy really likes games, especially the new one. We do a daily walk and play games while we walk:

-going on a picnic
-a number between one and a hundred
-I spy

We played going on a picnic today. It was all desserts! It was really fun!