Book Review #35 (Romeo and Juliet)

Book: Romeo and Juliet

3-out-of-5-stars – Py Korry Romeo and Juliet (Simply Shakespeare) (9780764120855):  Shakespeare, William: Books

Author: William Shakespeare

Genre: Theatre

Page Count: ???

The only other Shakespeare I’ve read is The Tempest, and in comparison, I thought this read a lot smoother. I knew what was going on (most of the time) and the storyline was simply better.

Romeo + Juliet - Wikipedia

Although it was entertaining, people made a lot of stupid choices I don’t think they would ever make in real life. Not just the famous deaths (all of them), but many of the decisions that led there. One primary example is Friar Lawrence; He thought it was a good idea to have Juliet fake her death, and then try to tell Romeo the plan by mail instead of telling him in person. :/

In addition to reading Romeo and Juliet, I also watched two different renditions of the tale: Romeo+Juliet, and West Side Story. They were both very good, but I enjoyed West Side Story more. Another additional side-project was reading Romeo and/or Juliet, by Ryan North. This is a choose your own adventure book. The only thing that I’ve read by Ryan North is the Squirrel Girl Comics (awesome btw) so this was vastly different. It was a lot of fun.

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