Book Review #32 (The Tempest)

Book: The Tempest

Author: William Shakespeare

Genre: Theater

Page Count:

So. Shakespeare. If I were to sum this up in one word it would be: confusing. Which, I suppose, could describe most of Shakespeare’s work. It didn’t really seem to have an ending, though I may have missed it. (Not sure how that’s possible though). The ending seemed to be: The boat is fixed, Prospero forgave Antonio, and Miranda is in love with Ferdinand. It seemed to be fractured and incomplete.

Miranda’s love with Ferdinand also seems to be screwed. It seemed that (maybe?) it was actually the result of one of Prospero’s spell. Even if it wasn’t they just met and seem completely and utterly in love with each other.

The characters also seem prone to monologuing and explaining just what is happening around them in a very non-discreet way.

I found it was easier to understand while reading aloud, but I didn’t do that the entire time, so quite a few things slipped passed me. If I were to read it more carefully, I may have had more positive things to say about it.

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