Book Review #16 (Animal Farm)

Book: Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell

Genre: Metaphorical fiction?

Page Count: 144

After the death of the oldest pig on the Manor Farm, the animals are empowered by his last speech. They decided to revolt from human rule in the hopes of ending animal slaughter. However living under animal rule isn’t as easy as they thought it would be.

I read this book for part of book club, and out of all the books that we have read in our book club so far this is the only one that I didn’t like. I really didn’t like this book because the text was so dense it almost read like a history textbook at times. I also thought that it was overflowing with metaphors. I’m honestly not sure how a book about a revolution could be boring, but it was.

There were two things I liked about this book: it was short, and it was well written. It was the fact that it was well written that stopped me from giving it the big red star, instead earning it a one star.

I would not recommend you read this book unless you like an abundance of metaphors and dense reading material.

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