Book Review #12 (Prairie Lotus)

Book: Prairie Lotus

Author: Linda Sue Park

Genre: Historical Fiction

Page Count: 261

Hanna, A half Asian-half American girl, has been traveling across the country with her father for over two years. Now they are settling down in a newborn town, opening a shop, and starting a new life. The only problem is, Hanna is the only person there who isn’t white.

Nowadays, that wouldn’t be a big deal, but at that time, people were afraid of anything different. They wouldn’t want to buy from her, speak with her, or let their children go to school with her. As you can imagine, That would present quite an issue living in this town.

I thought this book was very well written. I really liked reading it and I wanted to just keep on reading without stopping. I especially liked the character Bess, because of her kind nature.

I read this book for history (westward expansion) and I thought that it gave me more of an idea of what homesteading was like than the other books. It also gave me an idea of the problems small towns had installing laws.

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