Book Review # 10 (Framed)

Book: Framed! (1st Book in Framed! Trilogy)

Author: James Ponti

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Page Count: 320

Florian Bates puts together puzzles with his mind. Not the type of puzzle you get from the dollar store and spend forever trying to piece together, but puzzles made by clues other people leave all around. Of course, the hardest part is finding the pieces. In short, Florian is a 12 year old, amateur detective. And when the museum where his parents work is the victim of an art theft, well, Florian can’t help but to try to solve it himself.

I read this book as part of a book club I’m in. Although “book club” is a stretch. In reality we are two nerdy seventh graders who read and discuss books with our nerdy moms. Anyways this book was the last book we read, and I loved it. I really enjoyed reading about the characters, especially Margaret, because she is funny, smart, and other reasons. I also especially liked the plot twist at the end.

The main setting of this book was the National Gallery Of Art, in DC. Because of that, we (meaning the moms) decided that we would take a field trip there to see the paintings that were stolen in the book. Only two of them were on display currently, but we saw those two and took pictures with them.

In addition to the art, we went there to have lunch at Ben’s Chili Bowl, since that too was in the book. The day that we went it was raining. A lot. There were like, literally rivers in the streets. And since were in the middle of a global pandemic (such an inconvenience, right?) they only had outside seating so you know, that was fun!

Anyways this book was great and you should defiantly read it.

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  1. Hi –
    First let me say that nerdy seventh graders and their nerdy moms are my absolute heroes. I’m so happy you enjoyed the book. I am so sorry that some of the paintings are currently not up at the museum. Last time I went Woman with a Parasol was down and I almost passed out. Please tell the rest of the book club that I said hello. (I hope you liked Ben’s Chili Bowl.) Happy Reading – James Ponti

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