CFN- Ninth Issue

So it sure has been long since I posted, but I’m back!! This year the Campbell family (*Cough Cough mostly mommy Cough Cough*) started growing Zucchinis and Pickling Cucumbers in the garden squares we have out back. The Cucumbers taste just fine on there own, but where they really shine is as cold, flavorful pickles. Daddy started making a flavor of his own, then the two of us collaborated on the next one Those came out so well (according to Simon, Daddy, and Me. No one else really eats them) That I couldn’t resist experimenting with flavors, using a variety of spices from out spice cabinet, combinations of fresh herbs from outside, and using different types of vinegar in the brine. (even mixtures of different types of vinegar). Since the first batch we have had herby, garlicky batches, as well as batches with a little kick to them. So far we have only had savory pickles, as we tend to prefer them to sweet ones, but I’m thinking about creating a sort of sweet/sour ones, just to experiment. I personally love pickles, so this is REALLY FUN and I intend to keep doing it until we run out of cucumbers, and let me tel you there are a LOT of baby cucumbers out there, and we have a lot of spices to experiment with. Well that’s it!!

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