CFN- Seventh Issue

Mary here! after a week of spring break we were back on track starting virtual learning! Well . . . for a little while. we had exactly, -how many was it? oh right- 1 day of virtual learning before the county was like “bla bla bla technology is awful no more for THE REST OF THE WEEK!!” Fast forwards to Monday, and we were trying again. BUT we had to get to the platform in a really complicated long way that was really laggy, and I couldn’t get on. and now there is “no more face-to-face virtual learning until your teachers tell you what to do”. so yeah. but that’s not what I came to talk about, I came to talk about the highlight of yesterday . . . CUPCAKES!!

The AAP instructor at our school sent out “critical and creative thinking activities” or, you know: Fun Things To Do. Well, one of them was to create your own cupcake flavor and to write of draw about it. Jimmy did this and made the flavor “Brownie Cake-Batter With Lemon Frosting”. So my mom looked at his drawing and said “you know what? I’m a crazy person, so we are going to make these cupcakes!” so she asked Jimmy how, and basically this is what he said: we need to put the brownie crumbs in the cupcakes, and then you put the lemon frosting on top.

So, before we make these cupcakes, we had to make the Brownies to make brownie crumbs to put in the cupcake batter. So we made Super-Duper Awesome Brownies to put in the cupcakes. But the thing is . . . you don’t really need that much brownie crumbs to make 6 cupcakes, so only 4 of the brownies are for the cupcakes, the rest are just for eating. Tomorrow we are making the cupcakes themselves. See you then! (hopefully)

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