Campbell family Newsletter-Third Issue- Book Addition

Mary here! welcome to the first book addition of the Campbell Family Newsletter. In these special posts, I will write a book review for you to read, and possibly read the book (because we all need something to do). And the first book I bring to you is . . . Skyward!!!

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Spensa was Seven when she was branded a cowards daughter. Her father (Callsign Chaser) was a pilot for the Defiant Defence Force (DDF), and she was told that in the battle of Alta, he ran away. He was a coward. Ten years later, Spensa herself is taking the test to enter the DDF, earn back her family pride, and gain her Mother and grandmother a better life than the one they get from Spensa’s rat catching skills. But when she finds out that Admiral Judy “Ironsides” Has rigged the test so that Spensa will fail, Spensa only becomes more determined to pass, and to find out why Admiral Ironsides is determined to weed Chasers daughter out.

This book, Skyward, by Brandon Sanderson, was by far one of the best books I have ever read.  Each of the characters had their own set of skills, and their own individual personality. In this book Brandon Sanderson follows his predictable pattern regarding love interests, though thankfully avoids love triangles. Like he did in Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians, and The Rithmatist, he played the “in the beginning of the story ____ will somehow dislike or disregard ____ but grow to love him/her” card. He makes sure that every character, though they may be eliminated from the main plot, still plays a large role in the storyline.

Sanderson, once again, managed to create a whole new dystopian world, along with its own lifestyle, government, culture, traditions, and even it’s own cuss words. Through a unique set of challenges, Sanderson makes us all watch and suffer as Spensa grew, feeling just as much pain, laughter, sorrow, hatred, and pure murder as Spensa did. He added new entrancing lulls in the storyline, yet never dropped the action for a second. In this book, you will be flying skyward (pun intended) into a world you never even knew existed. Join Spensa, Kimmilain, Hurl, Bim, Jerkface, Cob, and thousands of other characters and readers on this amazing adventure, Skyward.

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