CFN- Sixth Issue

Mary here! Today we are focusing on one member of our family; Lucy!

Here she is! Static hair and all!

Favorite Food: Doesn’t have one

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Dream House: Not a mansion because it would be too big and it would be really hard to find people. And also it would have six separate bedrooms where each one has a bathroom, and the backyard has a pool. And a finished basement. The house would have a “tree trunk” running through the middle and there would be two indoor slides on opposite sides of the house, along with an upward running escalator. Lucy’s room would be very big, it would have a loft with a desk underneath and it would have a very big window that shows outside and the walls would be painted turquoise. an other thing about the house is that it would have secret passage ways that only, Daddy, Mommy, Lucy, and Mary know about. There would be many of them all over the house. Also the front yard would have a tree with a tire swing and a normal swing hanging on it. The yard would also have monkey bars. The back yard is completely filled with the huge pool and the deck. On the deck there are tables with umbrellas and chairs. There is also a water slide and a high diving board and a low diving board. That concludes Lucy’s dream house description.

Mary (ahem;ME) would like to note that the house that was just described sounds a lot like a mansion.

If She Could Vacation Anywhere: North Carolina. She has been there lots before and despite my prodding does not want to be adventurous and go anywhere else.

She would like to say: nothing apparently. hurumph.


CFN- Fifth Issue

Hi, Mary Here! there has been some excitement in the Campbell household recently. We started doing our normal Not Just Dance after school activities (Theater and Tap) on a online video chat called Zoom. We completed another Campbell family theater production, My New Friend Is So Fun. Our teachers have started putting more things online for us to do, and we have been having fun completing the video assignments. We went bluebell hunting again, and found a lot more than before, but still not peak bloom. Sorry Auntie Booger, but I’m going to have to end this one talking about amazing food. On Sunday Mommy and I are going to make Russian potato dumplings (not sure how to pronounce or spell the real name) that look amazing!! (but they call for a LOT of potatoes).

potato vareniki

The Continuation of the Rock Candy Saga

Well, here we are on day seven, and this is what the rock candy looks like:

No, that is not the same picture from last week. There are zero crystals on those sticks. I remember the first time I tried to make rock candy, in fourth grade. Everyone did the same experiment. Some kids had glasses OVERFLOWING with sugar crystals. I had nothing. Zippy. This is now, officially, my fifth time IN MY LIFE attempting to make rock candy and there are still no crystals.

We will try again tomorrow with a new recipe.

CFN- Fourth Issue

Mary here. Today I bring you some frustrating/sad/disappointing news. School in all of VA is now out until the end of the year. And all extracurricular activities are canceled too. In the morning we did a really fun science experiment where we had too try to get a bubble inside of a bubble inside of a bubble. I managed to get a bubble inside of a bubble inside of a bubble inside of a bubble (4 bubbles). We used straws to blow them out. In order for the straw to penetrate the side of the bubble it had to be wet. After a while Lucy and I explored further, wetting our hands and just seeing what we could do.

We are going to start making home-made hospital masks for the hospitals and doctor offices. Mommy joined a Facebook group called “million masks challenge”. It is a group for local people to make masks for hospitals and doctors offices in VA, MD, and DC. We picked up elastic today to start making them to help. See you next time-Bye! 😊