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Another week. Another ear infection. What is it with you, kid?


Lucy WP - Week 39

Mary PoW - Week 39

Simon (left), Mary (center), and Lucy (right) at Week 39.

It’s February and you still can’t shake the little illnesses. After your virus, you got an ear infection which has just about run it’s course (hopefully). We double-tortured you by sleep training you (finally!), so you’re sleeping most of the night in your own bed and letting your parents get some much needed shuteye.


Lucy WP - Week 38

Mary PoW - Week 38

Simon (left), Mary (center), and Lucy (right) at Week 38.

Jimmy, you’re still fighting the virus and the rash from last week, but there is bigger news! You cut a tooth! Yay! I wasn’t able to get you to show it off just yet, but pretty soon there will be all sorts of cute pictures of you and your little teefies.


Lucy WP - Week 37

Mary PoW - Week 37

Simon (left), Mary (center), and Lucy (right) at Week 37.

You got some virus that has given your face this scaly, speckled rash. No fun. No fun at all!


Lucy WP - Week 36

Mary PoW - Week 36

Simon (left), Mary (center), and Lucy (right) at Week 36.