Jimmy Weekly Picture #12

This week’s picture is a bit misleading. You’re not really pushing up like that – I had you propped on the boppy and another pillow. That gave you enough altitude that you were able to look up like you’re way advanced. Alas, you aren’t really advanced. Unless there’s a developmental scale for cuteness, in which case you’re in the 99th percentile!


Lucy WP - Week 12

Mary PoW - Week 12

Simon (left), Mary (center), and Lucy (right) at Week 12.

Jimmy Weekly Picture #10

I’m a little behind in posting this, but I haven’t yet had to go back-to-back in the same day, so I’m counting that as a win! Jimmy, you were baptised this week – YAY! You had a whole host of people there celebrating, and it was truly a joyous occasion.


Lucy WP - Week 10

Mary PoW - Week 10

Simon (left), Mary (center), and Lucy (right) at Week 10.