Four is Fabulous!

It’s been nearly a year since my last post on this blog. Well, here we go again. Campbell baby #4 is due in June, 2014. Kate announced this on facebook on Lucy’s birthday, basically saying something to the extent of “Happy Birthday, Lucy. You’ve done your darndest to ensure you would be the last baby in this house. Well, we don’t negotiate with terrorists. You’re going to be a great big sister!”

Number Four, we can’t wait to meet you.


Family Photo (Christmas 2012)

The last time I posted a picture of the whole family, it was taken back in December 2009. Simon was four. Mary was one and a half. You’ll notice two new additions to the 2012 photo: Lucy and Murray’s girlfriend, Jana. We think we like them both enough to let them stick around. For now.

Here is our official family photo from this past Christmas, 2012:

Campbell Family 2012 Portrait

And here’s the one that everybody likes:

Commit to the Silly!