Lucy Weekly Picture #53

Happy Birthday, my dear! Wow that was fast. This is the last of the weekly pictures, but I’m sure there will be lots more photographs of you and your siblings over the years. You’re going to be walking in a week or two, I feel pretty sure. You enjoyed the heck out of your birthday party. This is just one picture from your epic cupcake demolition. The whole set of your birthday pictures is over on Flickr.

The blog is a dying medium, and everything gets put on Facebook or Instagram or whatever the hot social network of the day happens to be. So I’m now fragmenting my updates and most pictures will be on Flickr and Facebook. Mostly Flickr. Because I’m old-school. But keeping with tradition, all future photos of Lucy will be marked as “friends and family only.” If you want to keep up with the kids on flickr, make sure you get a Yahoo! ID and get me to add you as a friend.

Lucy Smile

Simon (left) and Mary (right) at Week 53.

Lucy Weekly Picture #52

Wait, what? 52? Is that right? Holy cow, I must have miscounted. Nope, that’s right. Week 52. We’ll get a bonus Week 53 next week on your birthday (or the day of your party – close enough). You are standing like a champ, and even looking to take teeny tiny steps. Within a week or two you’ll be running around terrorizing all the people and animals that you are now crawling around terrorizing. You’re terrorism will simply become more efficient. Wow. This year has flown by!

Lucy Smile

Simon (left) and Mary (right) at Week 52.