Lucy Weekly Picture #2

It’s only week 2 and already Mary has infiltrated Lucy’s weekly picture. Both Simon and Mary will probably be making frequent appearances here, if for no other reason than they always want to be holding, touching, or just NEAR (read: hovering over) the baby. Anyway, I couldn’t resist using this one. Lucy’s got one eye open as if to say “hey! what’s going on here!” and Mary is as enthusiastic as always.


Simon (left) and Mary (right) at Week 2.

3 thoughts on “Lucy Weekly Picture #2

  1. SO CUTE! I love this pic! Lucy has already changed and grown! Jeepers!

  2. Big sisters are awesome! Never thought I would have to protect Max from Ella’s very in your face kind of love.

  3. I joke that when I’m holding Lucy I never get to see her face, all I see are the backs of two other little heads. 🙂

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