Somebody’s Going to Have to Share a Room

Sometime on or around December 18, we’ll be welcoming another Campbell family member. When we told the kids, it took a few minutes to sink in, and then they started to get excited. After I put Mary to bed, I could hear her through the monitor jabbering away. It went something like this (but much cuter in her broken toddler-english):

And the baby is in mommy’s tummy.

And she is soooooo cuuuuuute.

And I will hold her. And hug her. And rock her.

She went on for a while, and Kate will probably remember more of what she said. but it was adorable. Simon seemed to take it all in stride. His demeanor seemed to say, “Yawn. Yeah, I’ve got a pretty good handle on this big brother thing. Bring it on.”

Baby Number 3

4 thoughts on “Somebody’s Going to Have to Share a Room

  1. Duuuuuuuude! I saw you Sunday, and you didn’t tell me! That’s ok, though, I understand. A big fat CONGRATULATIONS from the Nods!! That’s wonderful news, hope Kate is feeling alright.

    And just in time for Christmas…

  2. Nod, I very nearly did. But Kate’s 12 week appointment was on Monday, and we wanted to wait until after that to really spread the word.

    “She’s. . . er. . . ah. . .not feeling well.” And then you said something about her sinuses and this time of year, and I felt TERRIBLE not fessing up. 🙂

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