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I’m really not happy with this week’s picture. Boring, hazy, and generally uninteresting. Exposure and white balance are a little off, and I didn’t have the wherewithal to fix it in post. As an apology, a bonus week 9 post is forthcoming.

CSA Week 9

CSA Supplies Received:

“Donut” Peaches
Classic Freestone Peaches

2 Responses to “Adventures in Produce Week 9”

  • Nod
    11:42 PM

    I don’t know … they look good enough to eat. 😉

    Seriously, how many different configurations does the produce go through for pictures before you get to eat it?

  • Gravatar

    Often, Kate will have pilfered some of the week’s haul before I even get home for that evening’s meal.

    And I am generally limited by daylight, children, and a rapidly approaching dinnertime, so I basically just toss the food in a pile, slap the camera on the ‘pod, and snap a few.

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