Adventures in Produce Week 8

We got the fun flat “donut” peaches in this week’s delivery. I was going to put them on the bottom of the fruit basket and see if I could convince Simon that they got “squished” by the other fruit, but he saw them before I could pull my practical joke.

CSA Week 8

CSA Supplies Received:

“Donut” Peaches
Classic Freestone Peaches

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Produce Week 8

  1. Donut peaches are my favorite. But I think they do not look like donuts, but something else.

  2. These veggie photos are terrific. I almost ate one of those peaches last night while babysitting.

  3. I love, love donut peaches. How did you guys go about finding a good CSA? You’d think the midwest would be crawling with them, being that I live across the street from what was until last year a working farm, but I can’t find one! Advice?

  4. Honestly, the CSA thing was all Kate’s idea. We’ve actually been just a little disappointed in the amount of produce we’ve received so far based on the amount we paid. But we’re giving them the benefit of the doubt until the real summer veggies kick in (tomatoes and corn are coming very soon, supposedly).

    But the big thing that may make it worth the cost is that we have free access to the farm (Great Country Farms) and pick-it-yourself produce (at a discounted price), which makes for a great weekly outing with the kids.

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