Picture of the Week Fail

Please stop asking me where the next picture of the week will be. I know you are all desperate for your weekly Mary fix, but I just can’t deal with the zeros and zeros of nagging emails from you people. Truthfully, the only person who has reminded me about Picture of the Week (several times) is my lovely wife. I have flat forgotten about it a couple of times this week, and have put it off several other times for Caps games, the Lost finale, etc. So between my laziness and forgetfulness, I’m nearly a week late.

And the next one is going to be late as well, because I forgot to send a camera with Kate and Mary (who are currently on their way to New York). Doh!

2 thoughts on “Picture of the Week Fail

  1. I wondered what happened, but I figured it was something. My own updates have gotten sporadic. You’ll have to substitute for “What’s on my iPod” I guess.

  2. Take it from your Dad, weak excuses!! I want more pics of Mary and Simon.

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