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If you look closely (view large), you can see my reflection in her eyes.

Daddy's in Her Eyes

Pure stream-of-consciousness babbling that had us in stiches over dinner last night:

Simon: Daddy, I love you forever.
Simon (very matter-of-factly): The crane is liftin’ it.
Simon: I like you for always.
Simon: Go Redskins!! Boo Giants!!!

It is POSSIBLE that the Redskins/Giants thing was reversed, because he likes to be contrary to get a reaction. But it is going down in the official record book as above.

Picture this week by Kate. Post processing by me.

Love the Sippy

Sadly, this may be the only time she wears this cute little dress. Don’t think it’ll fit at Easter.


This week I’m going topical with Picture of the Week. Go Hokies! Beat UNC!

Beat UNC!