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I can’t resist posting a picture of those eyes!

I was told by several people this weekend that I’m going to be in big trouble when she gets older. Tell me about it.

Her Most Distinctive Feature

And apparently it is the UK government. Distrubing.

She’s going for The Most Desireable Object in the House – the remote control.

She knows where the power rests.

Grabby McGrabberson

It was nice out on Sunday, so the kids got some much needed outside time.

Drop and Give Me 20

A friend shared this video on Facebook. It is some seriously amazing, creative, quirky, and whimsical fun. Check it out.

I was trying really hard to get a shot of my own reflection in her eyes, which was crystal clear in real life. My photographic skills were not quite up to the challenge.

Mary PoW - 32: In Her Eyes