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Also, I promised to post the following pictures nearly a month ago. Some smarty pants thought it would be humorous to wear a Cincinnati sweatshirt and get a picture with Mary before the Orange Bowl. Who’s laughing now?

I give you Peter Across The Street’s Dad (and a bonus picture with Peter across the street).

Somebody Thinks They're Funny

Peter Across The Street

Happy in her high chair.

Happy in Her High Chair

Can the Palm Pre give the iPhone a run for it’s money? Palm should send me one so I can give an informed opinion.

I just finished paying bills and am avoiding the piled up photos I need to process. I have two pics from Peter Across The Street’s Mom that I need to post, a basement that is a disaster area, and a laundry list of stuff to do that is waaaaay to long. So what do I do? Procrastinate by finding this gem in my archived videos. Enjoy. This is circa December 2006.

On the Tenth Day of Christmas. . .

On the Tenth Day of Christmas