Target Portrait Studio: A Public Service Announcement

I will withhold judgment on Target’s Portrait Studio until we get our final pictures. With a coupon the price is right and hopefully the printed pictures we get will look good. However, I will say this. Do not, under ANY circumstances, pay the $4.99 add-on for the ability to download “low resolution” pictures from your sitting.

Because when they say “low resolution”, they aren’t kidding.

In fairness, they tell you up-front that they are low resolution photos that are not suitable for printing. What they DON’T tell you is that “low resolution” means “pixelated pieces of crap that aren’t worth printing OR sharing via the Web and/or email.”

It’s my own fault. I went ahead and ordered the add-on even after the Target employee couldn’t tell me what resolution images I would receive. Shame on me. But I figured I’d save everybody else the pain. In summary, DO NOT BUY the “downloadable” pictures when you have pictures taken at Target.

1 thought on “Target Portrait Studio: A Public Service Announcement

  1. $4.99 for digital copies of Target portraits? OK, I can understand that. At $4.99, I’d also expect to receive a product or service valued at $4.99. What you’re describing sounds pretty terrible and so I’m having a hard time wondering how they can sell that as a service. With the price of digital photography these days, they’d have to go out of their way to make bad digital pictures: either deliberate pixelation, filtering, or running stills past an out-of-focus digital camera.

    That sounds terrible. Can we see? =)

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