Pow #18 – Coming Soon!

Kate reminded me to take pictures for Picture of the Week, since she was going to be in New York with the kids and I was going to be in Seattle. She also reminded me to actually pull the pictures off the camera and write a post. Which I. . . forgot to do. So now I’m stuck in Seattle with the pictures on the camera and no way to process and upload them, since I shot in RAW. This is where Rich chastises me for not shooting JPEG.

Anyway, in lieu of a Mary picture of the week, I give you our most recent family pictures (old news to those of you on facebook).

Family Portrait

Overheard in My House

Yes, it’s time for yet another installment of “Overheard in My House.” Simon is coming up with cuter and cuter things to say. I need to start keeping a notebook handy so I’ll remember more of them. This week’s installment was overheard from our room as Simon and Kate were roughhousing in Mary’s room. Kate apparently helped him (perhaps a bit unexpectedly) do a back roll. Crying ensued.

Kate: Are you okay?
Simon: Noooooo!
Kate: Did you get hurt?
Kate: Okay, what hurts?