Overheard in my House – Simon the Dinosaur

Kate and Simon have started something she calls “Simon School.” She picks a topic each week and they have lessons, in lieu of preschool (he’s not potty trained yet, so we can’t quite send him). This week’s theme was dinosaurs.

I think Simon School has been pretty successful so far. All day today he’s been tromping around the house in great-big Simon steps, roaring, and referring to himself as “The Tyrannosaurus Rex.” I’d post video, but our camera that takes video is in the shop (again). Anyway, it’s really cute.

When he woke up from his nap he came downstairs and told me “the Tyrannosaurus Rex turned into Simon.” And then he was all snugly. Life is good.

Personal Blogs – An Endangered Species?

This blog is not unique. There are plenty of self interested pseudo writers on the internet who obsess about their kids, their interests, and their neurotic pets. But not as many as there used to be. I have many friends who have started, and subsequently abandoned, blogs. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Carrie, Jackie, Kevin, and (gasp!) my own lovely wife, who has abandoned not one, but TWO blogs. And that’s just to name a few.

Now, this isn’t an indictment of former bloggers. Rather, I was just musing on what seems to be a decrease (at least amongst my friends) in their blogging habits. I’m thinking there is a combination of reasons:

  • A simple loss of interest
  • Increased concern about online privacy
  • The rise of other social networking mediums on the web like MySpace and Facebook
  • “Who the *@#&$*! has time to blog anymore? I’ve got kids. And a job. And a dog. And hobbies. Get a freaking LIFE you loser!”

While the other three reasons should not be discounted, I think that the third item probably carries the most weight. Why spend the time and effort to write a lengthy post about why your friends aren’t blogging when you can instead post “is wondering why his friends have stopped blogging” to your Facebook status? Which, incidentally, I have also done. The new version of Facebook even lets people give feedback directly on status updates, posted links, and photos.

So why do I cling to this (apparently) antiquated medium? Is it my tendency towards the wordy? Is it my desperate narcissism? It’s probably some combination of both. So what’s the word my former blogging friends? Has Facebook put the proverbial nail in your blog’s coffin?

Songs from my iPod

iPod NanoWow. Mary has totally taken this blog hostage. Who’s sick of seeing pictures of Mary? Anybody? Don’t be shy. Ellen made the observation to me yesterday that she felt like her blog needed less words and more pictures. She then proceeded to tell me that mine was seriously lacking in the thoughtful discourse that had made her a dedicated reader in the first place. I might be paraphrasing that slightly. And embellishing. Whatever. So in the spirit of “thoughtful discourse,” I bring you another installment of “Songs from my iPod.”

Let’s see what embarrassing treasures this installment will yield.

Song Artist Purchase
Nookie Limp Bizkit (yeah, I know. . .) Limp Bizkit - Significant Other - Nookie
Abraham Eddie from Ohio Eddie from Ohio - Quick - Abraham
Honky Cat Elton John Elton John - The Greatest Hits 1977-2002 - Honky Cat
I Want to Hold Your Hand T.V. Carpio (from the Across the Universe Soundtrack) T.V. Carpio - Across the Universe (Soundtrack) - I Want to Hold Your Hand
So Help Me God dc Talk dc Talk - Jesus Freak - So Help Me God