What type of music does Eddie from Ohio play?

Eddie from OhioI’m going to the Eddie from Ohio concert at Wolftrap on Friday. While discussing this with my mother-in-law she made a comment that generalized the genre of music that EFO plays. Seeing as a number of people who read this blog are familiar with EFO, I’m posing the question to you.

So if you had to peg EFO as being of a certain “genre”, what would that be? Post your answer in the comments. If somebody has already posted the answer that you KNOW TO BE THE RIGHT ONE, post it again anyway. I’m looking for a general consensus here people. A general consensus that I can then use to empirically prove my mother-in-law WRONG! You have the power. Use it for good.

And Mom, even though you’re wrong, you know I still love you.

11 thoughts on “What type of music does Eddie from Ohio play?

  1. my vote is for :indie folk rock:

    that about covers it all, doesn’t it? 😉

  2. I’m going to the concert too (hope to see you there!) and had been trying to explain what type of music they are. I said folk was the best I could do to describe it but then gave the caveat that saying EFO does folk is like saying Scythian does Irish music. It is true, but it doesn’t really convey the wit, amazingness, beautiful, creative awesomeness that the band generates! And if you haven’t heard Scythian, btw, you should check them out!

  3. I’m totally on board with the “folk rock”. Throwing an indie on front, though, just takes way too long to say. Think of how those half-seconds add up!

  4. If Phish is “indie folk rock”, and Eddie from Ohio (Baltimore, actually) is “indie folk rock”, would that make Phish like Eddie from Ohio.

    They played at Reston Festival about two months ago. It was free then if you walked past and didn’t get a seat at the center pavillion.

  5. contemporary americana. or contemporary folk. it certainly doesn’t sound altogether like pete seeger, but its not all that rockin’ either. and they’ve been kinda adult lite contempoary lately, but i’m not gonna judge. i’m still going to the show.

  6. folkin’ excellent, i believe. or “four amazingly talented musicians that could have enormously successful solo careers but choose to delight us with their harmonies instead.” seriously, they have a gift for harmony.

    but i like “indie folk rock.”

  7. Folk rock and that’s what I thought before I read anybody else’s!
    Parents are notorious for embarrassing their children–is this some kind
    of payback announcing to the world that I am music ignorant?! I love you anyway too Patrick. But watch it . . . I can hold babysitting availability over your head.

  8. Mom, read the post more closely. It’s Mom Murnane that I’m proving wrong. I KNOW that you have a good appreciation for EFO. 🙂

  9. alternative virginia folk.

    Personal opinion is I would never associate them with any kind of “Rock”

    You can’t really give them a genre, they’re so diverse, they’re a genre of their own!

  10. I think ‘contemporary folk.’
    Too much storytelling to not have the folk label, and I don’t think Eddie breaks out the full drum set enough to be ‘rock.’
    This seems like where I would put them in comparison with similar artists like Ellis Paul, David Wilcox (US), Dar Williams, etc., etc., etc.

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