Can I wear jorts to my Goddaughter’s Baptism???

The post title is the subject of an email I just recieved from my brother. It will someday be the title of my memoirs. The rest of his email deserves to be posted here as well. He is way funny and should have his own blog. Mostly so he can retaliate to posts like this one. Here’s his email:


I just wanted to ask you what I should wear to the Baptism so I will know what I should bring home with me. I planned on bringing nice slacks, a shirt and tie, should I also bring a jacket?


P.S. Maybe it would be cool for me to break out my old baptismal bib, bring a little retro bib-ness back to the 21st century

This should serve as notice to my family that anything is fair game for the blog. Beware my wrath!

Also, WTF are jorts?!

Update: Murray informed me that “jorts” is hip college-kid speak for “jean shorts”. Don’t I feel stupid now?

2 thoughts on “Can I wear jorts to my Goddaughter’s Baptism???

  1. I’m just impressed that Murray has all those nice clothes at school!

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