Mary Picture of the Week (PoW) #1

This is the beginning of a new feature on this blog, the Picture of the Week. Those of you who read Kate’s blog back in its heyday will remember that she posted a weekly picture of Simon for his first year. I am going to do the same thing with Mary. Kate will help.

The goal will be to post a new picture from the previous week on Sunday or Monday evening each week. The picture will preferably be taken over the weekend so the spacing between them will be similar, but I’m not going to box myself in if we get a good picture from a different day.

These pictures will be hosted on my site (my mother-in-law’s workplace blocks flickr and she needs to be able to show off her grandbaby), but will be duplicated in a set on Flickr. Anyway, those are the basic rules, and I’m already behind. I give you Week 1’s picture. And yes, you have already seen it. A post with week two’s picture will follow shortly.

Mary and Daddy Smiling for the Camera

1 thought on “Mary Picture of the Week (PoW) #1

  1. I didn’t notice it before, but doesn’t it look like newborn Mary was smiling in this picture, as if to say, “Yep, I think I’m gonna like this Daddy!”

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