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Way back in August of last year, I posted about the business card design for Collins Electric, the business of a good friend of mine. He hired me to build him a Web site for his business. The business card was just an extra added bonus thrown in by yours truly. See the wonderful service you get here at. . . er. . .Pat Campbell Industries Inc.? I might need to work on that business name.

Well it’s been nearly seven months, and we’ve finally got the content for the site finalized. I’m proud of this work, as it’s the first time I’ve actually been PAID for freelance web design. I considered bronzing the check as a memento, but decided against it. Kidding. It was paypal so bronzing wasn’t really an option. Unless I bronzed my computer. Think Kate would accept that as an excuse to buy a new one? Somehow I think that “Sorry hon, you can’t use the computer, it’s been bronzed for posterity” won’t go over real well.

Head over to CollinsElectricVA.com to see the fruits of my labor. And if you ever need an electrician in Fredericksburg VA (or the surrounding vicinity), give Billy a call. He does good work.

3 thoughts on “Web Page Design – Collins Electric

  1. Um – spiders scare people… especially BIG ones! Overall like your site and the Collins Electric was nice too.

    I might send some folks your way 🙂

    Hope Kate is doing well. I find out on Monday if we are having a baby boy or a baby girl.


  2. What, you don’t like my capitalized “Web”? The style guide of a certain government agency has apparently brainwashed me so that I can’t type that word without capping it.

    How exciting for you! Are you guys leaning either way in what you’re hoping for?

  3. It’s a Boy! We are both happy that through the power of ultra sound technology he is healthy. Apparently I am 23 weeks and change along versus the 21 and 5 days they originally told us. Got any name idea’s? 🙂

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