Finish this sentence.

“I would blog more often if. . . ”

I found myself thinking today about how I’ve been relatively active on this blog for the past month or two. Dedicated bloggers post at least several times a week, and those who do it professionally post at least once a day, and often even more frequently.

What really sparked this train of thought was something I saw at the conference I’m attending this week. It wasn’t one of the interesting presentations, but rather what a participant was doing during one of the duller moments. She was furiously tapping away at her spiffy iPhone. Wow, I thought. If I just had one of those, I could use my “spare” time to log on and spout even more nonsense here.

Even better, if I had one of those I wouldn’t have to go down to my freezing basement to use the computer so that I could spout said nonsense. Never mind the $500 price tag and the roughly $60/month that’s required for the voice/data plan. Bah.

So what would motivate YOU to post more often?

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