What are you watching?

Last night’s episode of Lost was quite possibly the best since the pilot way back in the fall of 2004. Are any of the readers of this blog Lost fans (all 2 of you)? It made me wonder what other show readers are “passionate” about. Is there anything on television that you feel like you have to watch every week. Other than Hokie football, of course – that’s a given!

There’s too much “good” TV on out there to watch it all. What’s your show(s) of choice?

Baby Campbell #2 is a . . .

Campbell Baby #2's Sonogram PictureKate had her 20-week sonogram yesterday. I’m not even going to make you play the guessing game this time. Baby Campbell number two is a GIRL.

This means that I’ll have my very own little girl to dote on, and can stop vicariously doting on other people’s kids. Kate is concerned that I’ll let a little girl walk all over me. That is definitely not the case. I won’t give her every little thing she asks for. Unless she asks REALLY nicely. Then I’ll have to. I mean, seriously. How can you say “no” when your daughter asks you REALLY NICELY for something? Heck, I have a hard time saying no to Simon when he asks really nicely, and he’s a boy. Simon, if you read this in the future, rest assured that this is all in jest and I love you just as much as your baby sister.

For those who are sure to ask, no we do not have a name picked out. When we do we’re not telling. We have to keep some level of suspense.

Finish this sentence.

“I would blog more often if. . . ”

I found myself thinking today about how I’ve been relatively active on this blog for the past month or two. Dedicated bloggers post at least several times a week, and those who do it professionally post at least once a day, and often even more frequently.

What really sparked this train of thought was something I saw at the conference I’m attending this week. It wasn’t one of the interesting presentations, but rather what a participant was doing during one of the duller moments. She was furiously tapping away at her spiffy iPhone. Wow, I thought. If I just had one of those, I could use my “spare” time to log on and spout even more nonsense here.

Even better, if I had one of those I wouldn’t have to go down to my freezing basement to use the computer so that I could spout said nonsense. Never mind the $500 price tag and the roughly $60/month that’s required for the voice/data plan. Bah.

So what would motivate YOU to post more often?

And now for something whimsical and fun.

Apple has real knack for picking catchy and previously unknown (at least to me) music for their advertisements. New Soul, by Yael Naim is the song they used for the Macbook Air. Out of curiosity (because I wanted to hear it in it’s entirety), I looked it up on YouTube. I was pleasantly surprised by the video. It is whimsical, fun, and it makes me smile. Hopefully it will do the same for you.