This Blog is so Self Centered

I swear that I’ll stop talking about the redesign eventually. But not with this post. I had a whole list of items that I need to fix, so what do I do with my time? Make three totally unnecessary changes:

  • New logo/masthead. The picture was taken by me (or Kate, I can never remember who takes what) on a trip up to her parents. It is of the Long Island Sound. The part used in the masthead was cropped from this picture.
  • Added a reflection effect to the navigation tabs up top. I feel like it gives them a little bit more depth. Too much?
  • Added links for comments and the permanent link to the Link Posts on the right, mostly because I want all you libs to comment on how awesome Barrack Obama is. Incidentally, I don’t discriminate against liberals or conservatives. I find both sides equally frustrating and entertaining. Begin throwing your “Don’t Pretend Not To Be Conservative” tomatoes now.

Added to the previous list of items I need to work on, I would like to replace the muted blue-grey background that sits behind the content to something more attractive or textured. I have no idea how I’m going to accomplish that yet, but it’s something I need to do.

4 thoughts on “This Blog is so Self Centered

  1. your new site looks great! i like the new masthead, though i am biased toward anything beach-like…

    and hooray for the return of smileys! 😀 (but how do i know what my options are now??)

    now if only you’d add fruits and veg, i could throw that tomato at you… 😉

  2. what about a pale sand texture? 🙂 Just a thought. I like how everything is coming together – very spiffy!

  3. Every time I see reflected icons, I think of Apple and iTunes. Has Apple patented reflections? 🙂

    Not a bad masthead… very clean, very simple, good color motif.

    I’m almost pining for the days of the daily morning conversations in JR’s office. What would he say of your open support of Barack Obama? 😀 I didn’t care for any of the barbs that Hillary and Barack were throwing back and forth at each other this weekend. Oh well… politics as usual?

    Nice site redesign.

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