Greetings from Sunny FL

VT LogoKate, being the gracious and loving wife that she is, let me fly down to Ft. Lauderdale for the Orange Bowl and a couple of days of fun with the old roommate. VT plays Kansas, and it should be a fun game. I come down here for sun and warmth and it ends up being freaking 50 degrees. I guess good company and a good smack-down on Thursday will have to suffice. And no, that is NOT a guarantee.

I have lots of pictures from Christmas in NY to post, but just haven’t gotten to it. The new site is almost ready as well, I just need to migrate all the old posts. But alas, time has been short and life has been busy (two common threads, I’m finding).

Everybody watch the Orange Bowl on Thursday. Go Hokies!

1 thought on “Greetings from Sunny FL

  1. Have fun at the Orange Bowl! Wish I could be there with ya’ll!! Go Hokies!!!!!!!!!!

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