Pics from Simon’s 2nd Birthday

Simon’s 2nd birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and excepting the bloody lip, a good time was had by all. It took me a while before I actually sat down to take the pictures off the camera, but we had a couple turn out really nicely. The photoset is up on Flickr, but you have to be a friend/family to view it. If you’re not my friend, but would like to be, let me know. How condescending does that sound?

Blowing Bubbles with MeeMa and BeeBa

As you can see, Mee-ma and Bee-ba (Simon-speak for Grandma and Grandpa) made it down from New York for the festivities. Simon was fortunate to have gotten over his cold a few days before his birthday, and then wait until a couple days after to catch another bug and ear infection. Hopefully he wasn’t infectious around all the other kids. All in all, it was a good day.

4 thoughts on “Pics from Simon’s 2nd Birthday

  1. i can’t believe your kid is 2 yrs old! he looks so grown up.

    can i be your friend?? (no, seriously, i wanna see cute simon pics)

    hope you and kate and simon are doing well, colds and bugs aside…

  2. it’s still telling me i don’t have permission to see your pics…guess i’ll have to settle for this pic for now…

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