Overheard in My House

Technically this was overheard OUTSIDE my house (I was out there watering plants), but whatever.

Random Kid Passing By: Hey
Me: Hey, how’s it going?
RKPB: Good.
RKPB: Do you like Star Wars?
Me: Umm… Yeah, I suppose I do.
RKPB: Cool.
RKPB: You know, you kind of look like Obi Wan.
Me: *chuckles* Heh. Thanks.
RKPB: No problem.

Now if only I could learn to use the force to suppress the weeds.

We are Virginia Tech

VT LogoThe past several days have been a whirlwind. We were spared the grief and sorrow that comes with losing a loved one: Murray is safe and sound. He was able to find a computer and send me an instant message saying he was fine. It was because of his message at around 10:30 AM that we were also spared the white-knuckled hours so many parents around the country endured as they hoped that their son or daughter was not one of the victims.

The bombardment of images, video, and commentary that followed the shooting were overwhelming. I was particularly struck by the juxtaposition of familiar Hokie Stone behind disturbing scenes of police officers, victims, and EMS personnel. Every Virginia Tech alumnus mourns for our brothers and sisters. Virginia Tech was our home for at least four years, and now that home has been violated.

In the midst of all the shock, anger, disbelief, and sadness, I can’t help but feel one positive emotion in the aftermath of the shootings at my alma mater. Pride. These students, clearly shocked and frightened, have handled themselves admirably. They have expressed a quiet strength and dignity that should make their parents, their fellow students, the university faculty and staff, and all Tech alumni proud. Jay Cooper had this to say in an opinion piece in the Sacramento Bee.

These “kids” refused to rise to the bait being dangled by anchors insistently asking “aren’t you angry?” and instead defended the decisions made by their university administrators, offered context and perspective on the nature of life on their campus and kept their remarks focused on what truly mattered, the sudden and tragic loss of their colleagues, professors and friends.

The topic of the university’s handling of the situation and the media’s response are items that I would like to address eventually, but not right now. It’s all just too fresh. But the response by the students has been tremendous, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a Hokie.

VT Candlelight Vigil
Photo not mine! Credit will be posted when I can figure out who actually took it!

Murray is Fine

I just wanted to let everybody who may be following the Virginia Tech tragedy know that Murray (my brother who is a student at Virginia Tech) and Matthew (Tim’s brother, also at VT) are both fine. Thank you to everybody who has contacted me expressing their concern.

Please keep all the victims, their families, and friends in your prayers.

Overheard in My House

Last night, after Simon fell asleep, Kate was enjoying the sounds of sleeping baby on the monitor while she was sewing.

Kate:I’ve been downstairs listening to Simon fart in his sleep.
Me: Really?
Kate: Yeah. It sounds like this:THHHHBBBBPPPPTTTT.