10 thoughts on “Blackmail Material

  1. um, is it because i don’t have a kid that i don’t get it? because i just don’t get it. looks like a cute kid to me.

  2. i don’t have a kid, but it looks to me like he’s doing his business…am i right???

  3. Hey Pat,

    Totally off the subject of babies and blackmail, do you know a good camera repair shop?

    Peter across the street’s Mom

  4. I second the Penn Camera recommendation. I used th Penn Camera in Tysons, and they were very good to me.

    However, I used them to BUY a camera when they told me that repairing my old point-and-shoot (which got dropped) would cost more than just replacing it.

  5. Dear Peter across the street’s Mom,

    PENN CAMERA in Springfield … near the Borders on Frontier (across from the mall). They’re GREAT!!

    (Not that you asked ME … I just thought I’d throw in my two cents….)

    Lou Ann (Kate’s friend and former colleague)

  6. Dear Lou Ann and Pat,

    Thanks for the Penn Camera recommendation. I will head over there today.

    Sorry I missed you last night, Pat. By the time I got home you had already left your Mom’s house.

    Happy 30th! Peter said he spent some time with Simon last night and he was SO ADORABLE!

    Happy 4th!
    Peter across the street’s Mom

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Patrick.

    Reading the vaccine comments, I thought I’d wish you a happy birthday after the big day, once you’d gotten used to things and figured it wasn’t a big deal anymore.

    –From the immature, naive 25 year old who dropped your camera and broke it.

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