Nationals vs. Orioles

This past Saturday Tim and I went to the Nats/O’s game thanks to the generosity of a co-worker who didn’t need his tickets. Needless to say I was torn. I grew up rooting for the Orioles, but I’m thrilled to have the Nats in town. I found myself, at various points in the game when one team would do something good, I’d cheer. Then a little bit later, the other team would do something good. And I’d cheer again. I also noticed that I wasn’t the only person in the crowd doing this.

I took the camera with me. The following series of shots was taken from waaaaaaay up in the 500 section (yellow seats) of RFK stadium. Good zoom!

Alfonso Soriano

We’re going to another game this Saturday, courtesy of another generous coworker. They’re playing the Dodgers, so there will be no rooting conflicts this time. It will be Simon’s first baseball game, so I guess that officially makes him a born fan of the WASHINGTON NATIONALS. Hear that everybody? A WASHINGTON NATIONALS FAN!

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