Casey the dog entertains Simon the baby. And vice versa.

I think this is really encouraging, because eventually they’ll just be like two whirling dervishes tearing through the house knocking over plants breaking glasses, and generally causing all sorts of mayhem. But for now it’s just flat-out cute. As always when I post a movie, this is a large file. Those with dial-up connections will only run into frustration trying to view it. Sorry!

This is actually a good deal smaller than the video that came off of our camera (120MB). But the quality has suffered noticeably with the compression.

Simon & Casey Play
(WMV, 12.2 MB)

2 thoughts on “Casey the dog entertains Simon the baby. And vice versa.

  1. That’s adorable. I hope you guys appreciate what a great dog Casey is for being able to play with Simon so nicely. 🙂

  2. Hey pat, wanna know something really funny? Someone brought their parents’ camera to prom and everyone was passin it around with “oooohs” and “ahhhhs” b/c it was soo nice. I haven’t ever really looked up close at your camera, but now that i see it, it looks EXACTLY the same as that one! You shoulda let me take it so i coulda showed it off to my friends like this GIRL did. Her name was Kathleen. She’s cool b/c of that camera. I’m nothing

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