Another Hokie joins the ranks!

Crazy Uncle Murray's a Hokie!On Friday I got a call from my not-so-little brother, Murray. He’s a senior in high school, and we’ve all been waiting in suspense to see if he’d break the tie (Me and my dad went to Virginia Tech, my mother and sister went to UVA). He got word on Friday that he’d been accepted to Virginia Tech.

I’m sure that he’s thrilled, seeing as he’s been planning on being a Hokie since the age of five. But I hope he realizes the responsibilities that come with attending such a fine university. First and foremost, he must be willing to endure all sorts of early mornings, long lines, and bad food. . . while he waits in line for football tickets for his brother, sister-in-law, and nephew.

In all seriousness, I couldn’t be more thrilled that Murray is a Hokie, and I’m confident that he’ll succeed in whatever path he chooses to take at Virginia Tech. Congratulations, Murray!

3 thoughts on “Another Hokie joins the ranks!

  1. Congrats Murray!!! So I guess that tips the scales in the VT/UVA battle for the Campbell-clan? 🙂

    What major did Murray declare?

  2. Congrats Murray!!! It was great to see you @ the Spirit a few weeks ago! Yay for Hokie-dom 🙂 It’s almost as good as Patriot-dom!

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