Embedding Google Movies

I’ve been wanting to experiment with embedding movies from Google Video into my blog. This is by no means a video blog, but I do occasionally run across the fun video from time to time. After great deliberation, I decided to post this one. Broadband warning: if you don’t have broadband, don’t try to play this.

(If the embedded video doesn’t work, use this link to view Tripod on Google Video.)

Of course, there’s lots of stuff on Google Video that’s only funny to me. But then, that’s what makes the Internet great, right? Things that are only interesting to me!

Okay, that’s my obligatory blog post for the day. It’s past my bedtime.

5 thoughts on “Embedding Google Movies

  1. Different company… same memes 😀

    Two co-workers here sent me the link to the “Tripod Video” in the last two weeks as well. I liked the “only funny to me” link more, although it got plenty of groans at my new job.

    Cool obligatory post… get some rest.

  2. Those are definitely two of my favorite all time videos…sometimes when I am feeling the need for a little cheer, I go out and find that BSB video and laugh all over again! Though, Google Video can certainly become an evil obsession (another way to procrastinate)!

  3. Pat, that was awesome! And totally reminds me of this song: Business Time by Flight of the Conchords. They’re a hilarious New Zealand comedy/folk duo, and if they’re not BFF with Tripod, they should be.

  4. Jackie just had to spit her drink out because she was laughing so hard.

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