Another Hokie joins the ranks!

Crazy Uncle Murray's a Hokie!On Friday I got a call from my not-so-little brother, Murray. He’s a senior in high school, and we’ve all been waiting in suspense to see if he’d break the tie (Me and my dad went to Virginia Tech, my mother and sister went to UVA). He got word on Friday that he’d been accepted to Virginia Tech.

I’m sure that he’s thrilled, seeing as he’s been planning on being a Hokie since the age of five. But I hope he realizes the responsibilities that come with attending such a fine university. First and foremost, he must be willing to endure all sorts of early mornings, long lines, and bad food. . . while he waits in line for football tickets for his brother, sister-in-law, and nephew.

In all seriousness, I couldn’t be more thrilled that Murray is a Hokie, and I’m confident that he’ll succeed in whatever path he chooses to take at Virginia Tech. Congratulations, Murray!

A Plug for Penn Camera

When I was looking for a place to get my camera repaired (before I knew it would not be cost-effective to do so), Lou Ann had recommended Penn Camera. I went there today to check on the status of the Canon Powershot S3 IS (“hi, when will you have this in stock?”).

Once I explained the situation we were in (new parents needing to compulsively take pictures of their baby like an addict needs crack), the staff their at Penn Camera went waaaaayyyyy out of their way to help me. They placed an order for the S3 so that I’d get one when it came in, and then they rented me a little point-and-shoot for at the low price of $10/week until the other camera arrives. What makes this even more remarkable is the fact that they don’t normally do rentals out of this store. They made it convenient for me instead of making me go to their DC location that does rentals.

The guy who helped me at their Vienna location was Chip. He was fabulous. It’s not often that I experience truly outstanding customer service. But today was an exception. My mission today was totally accomplished in exactly the manner I’d hoped it would be, and I couldn’t be happier.

Oh, and we gave Simon cereal for the first time today, and thanks to Chip and Penn Camera, I have the photos and video to prove it. More later!

In a digital camera pickle

So Kate and I are in the market for a digital camera. After doing a bit of research, we are thinking that we might upgrade from a regular point-and-shoot to something a bit fancier, but not quite an SLR. We’re currently looking at the Canon Powershot S3, which I think is the step up that we want. The problem is, it’s not available until May. One site I found said May 31!

Now normally this wouldn’t be a big deal. But as anybody with children can tell you, one or two months can be an eternity. And as other parents obsessed with photographing their babies can attest to, a week without a camera is too long. Anything longer than that is simply unacceptable. So do I break down and purchase a camera like the ELPH or the A700? Or do we risk missing every key moment of Simon’s life for the next month or two? I have hope that Penn Camera near us will have one in stock this weekend, but I think the woman I spoke to last week might have been mistaken. These are truly the decisions that rend one’s soul. Or something equally melodramatic. Any suggestions?

Embedding Google Movies

I’ve been wanting to experiment with embedding movies from Google Video into my blog. This is by no means a video blog, but I do occasionally run across the fun video from time to time. After great deliberation, I decided to post this one. Broadband warning: if you don’t have broadband, don’t try to play this.

(If the embedded video doesn’t work, use this link to view Tripod on Google Video.)

Of course, there’s lots of stuff on Google Video that’s only funny to me. But then, that’s what makes the Internet great, right? Things that are only interesting to me!

Okay, that’s my obligatory blog post for the day. It’s past my bedtime.

If I did this for a living, I’d totally fire myself.

No posts for two and half weeks? That’s not the way to keep readers coming back for more! I’ve been somewhat uninspired for the past couple of weeks, although there is plenty to talk about.

The Book Club seems to be taking on a life of it’s own, and we might actually start reading a real, live book here soon. The most recent poll actually has – get ready for it – books to choose from! So go vote if you’re in the club. And if you’re not in the club, feel free to pop on over and join.

In other news, I’m going to be out and about this weekend camera shopping. Any suggestions from people who love (or hate) their digital camera? I’m not buying an SLR (yet), so we’re just talking normal point-and-click right now. Or maybe just a little more advanced.

Also, today is my Mom’s birthday. Happy birthday, Mom!