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Noah's ArkHigh and long,
Thick and strong,
Wide and stark,
Was the Ark.

Another one of my favorite books is Noah’s Ark, by Peter Spier. Unlike Henry the Explorer, this book is not out of print. In fact, I highly recommend picking it up, whether or not you’re still a kid.

The byline of the story appropriately does not say “by Peter Spier”, but rather “illustrated by Peter Spier”. Noah’s ark is all about the illustrations. In fact, the majority of the book contains no words whatsoever. It’s part of the book’s charm. I remember my parents making up the story as they went along. Even better, they let me help. Not that we really needed to do so. The illustrations are so detailed and rich that they tell a story by themselves.

What are some of your favorite childhood books?

5 Responses to “Another Piece of my Childhood – Noah’s Ark, by Peter Spier”

  • Patrick
    3:30 PM

    No way! Kate will suddenly become a fan. 🙂

  • Librarianna
    3:25 PM

    My list of favorites is way too long, so settle for a fun factoid instead: Peter Spier used to live in Wading River, your lovely wife’s (and my) home town!

  • Katie
    3:52 PM

    ok, how do you know that?

  • Ken
    8:04 AM

    A whole week of favorite childhood books, and not a single reference to “Where The Wild Things Are”?


  • Librarianna
    12:51 AM

    Kate, I don’t know when I first learned that Peter Spier lived in SWR but here’s proof:

    (from a sermon at the Congregational duck ponds church)

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