Henry the Explorer Wishes you Happy New Year!

Henry the ExplorerKate and I spent Christmas in New York with her family, and gathered with my family to exchange gifts and celebrate yesterday. Kate and my family did some great shopping this year, and came up with two items that I really wanted, both of which are children’s books. So really, they were like two-for-one presents, as Simon benefits too!

Henry the Explorer, by Mark Taylor is out of print, so is not easy to come by. However, through the wonder of the Internet, and more specifically Amazon.com, my mother was able to find a used (but in terrific shape!) copy of this childhood favorite of mine. The story centers around Henry and his dog (Laird Angus McAngus), and a day of exploring.

This children’s book provided beautiful illustrations and a simple, effective story. I can’t wait until Simon is old enough to read this book. Maybe someday he’ll strap a sack to Casey’s back, fill it with flags, and go adventuring himself!

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