What a Comedian

For the last three months I’ve been consistently posting. . . twice per month. This month’s post is for all those folks who miss the weekly Simon picture.

Simon knows three words. Bye, apple, and pizza (go figure). Pronounced “Bah”, “Aaaaa-puh”, and “Peeda”. I figured we should record him saying these first few words for posterity. Normally you can prompt him to say a word here or there, but on this day, he thought otherwise. . .

Incidentally, my camera takes way better video than this. Between editing, saving for the Web and then uploading to Google video the quality has degraded significantly. I need to figure out what settings to use so that it’s not quite so pixelated.

Don’t Blog Angry

Kate has been working extremely hard on the quilting business. It’s something that I’m very proud of her for, and when something like this comes along it just makes proverbial steam shoot out of my ears. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Not long ago, Kate completed a project (a gift, not for sale) that I thought was really cute. Yeah, I enjoy seeing her quilty crafts. Yes, I realize this isn’t particularly manly. I’m okay with it.

At any rate, Kate found a listing on Etsy today (the same site through which she sells her items), that looked PRACTICALLY IDENTICAL to the project she had completed recently. She thought this was odd, and brought it up to me. I recognized the seller as somebody who had previously left a comment on her blog, confirming the probable source of ‘inspiration’ for the design.

I think I was more angry about this situation than Kate was. She took the high road and settled for a credit of ‘inspired by’ on the listing of the item in question. I’m not sure I would have been so amenable. I’m sure this person meant no harm, and is probably a very nice lady who is nearly as angry as I am that somebody would accuse her of theft. And to her credit, once Kate brought the item to her attention she gave at least some form of acknowledgement.

I was prepared to write a long (okay, that part came true), scathing post about this person’s questionable ethics. I was prepared to name names and point the finger. I’m glad I took a second to step back, because I think that would have been a mistake. As I said, I’m sure this person is perfectly well-intentioned, and very pleasant. This was probably just a momentary lapse in judgment, and she still may not see anything wrong with what she did.

The crafting community on the Web is seemingly fairly tightly knit (no pun intended!), and I’m not sure it’s worth the risk of alienating Kate from that community simply because of my righteous indignation.

Update: I wanted to qualify this post with this: we would have had no problem with this person’s piece if it were a gift or for her own personal use. It’s the fact that she was trying to sell it that was galling.

The listing has since been pulled down off of Etsy, although in her conversations with Kate the woman shows no remorse for her actions. Just because you found it on the Internet does not mean that you can use it for your own personal gain. She is deluding herself and over-rationalizing to an amazing degree, but I think that deep down she knows what she did is wrong. Okay, rant over. I’m moving on. No, seriously. I am. 🙂

Some Movies

I’m pretty sure that I’m way late on this particular Internet phenomenon. But if I hadn’t seen it until recently, maybe some of you haven’t, either. This is O.K. Go’s video for their song “Here It Goes Again”.

And this is the parody by Nobody’s Watching.

Incidentally, if you’re a fan, their LOST video is pretty funny too. And yes, apparently that really is Maggie Grace.

Lacking Motivation

As Kate mentioned recently, time has been a scarce commodity in the Campbell household. I’d like to use that as my excuse for not posting an update or two. However, that’s just not the case. I’ve had time to watch movies, play video games, and catch some football on the weekends. I certainly could have chosen to blog instead of doing any one of those things, but I didn’t.

Is it a lack of subject matter to write about? Anybody who reads this blog knows that I have all the subject matter I could possibly want inherent in the two little balls of cuteness that roll around my house on a daily basis. They’re actually both walking now. So I guess I should say two little balls of cuteness walking around my house. Simon still prefers to crawl, but he’s definitely got the capability to walk. It’s only a matter of time before he perfects it.

But I digress. Blogging has just been . . . unappealing. That’s the only way I can describe it. When faced with sitting down to write an entry, it just feels too darn much like work for me to go through with posting. I don’t really have a grand conclusion that I’ve drawn from this realization, I just felt the need to share with my blogging public. And make amends with a picture of the two things that I know everybody comes here for anyway. He doesn’t love us like this:

He Doesn't Love Us Like this

Friends & Family Only!

As of Saturday, Simon is officially one year old. This means a lot of things, but most importantly for readers of this blog, it means all his pictures on Flickr will be marked as “Friends & Family only”. I know it’s a pain in the ass to register with Flickr and then ask us to set you up as our friend and/or family, but there are too many strange people on the Internet, and we’re a little paranoid. Not as paranoid as my mom (hi mom!), but paranoid enough.

Unfortunately that also means that the pictures up top will not show Simon pictures that we’ve taken. I’ll have to investigate and see if there’s anything I can do about that.

A Cherished Bedtime Routine

Kate and I take turns putting Simon down for bed at night. The system isn’t perfect, and there are often consecutive nights where one or the other of us will have to pick up the slack for the other due to athletic events, meetings, or other commitments. I often grumble about putting Simon to bed. And it is absolutely uncalled for, because most of the time I LOVE putting him down for the night.

We’ve been reading to Simon for a long time. It’s only within the past 2 or 3 months that I think he has started to put together the images on the page with the sounds coming out of our mouths. But recently he showed both of us that he has definitely made the connection.

Bee Bo!Simon has a series of books that we read every night. If you try to introduce a new book into the routine, he is fidgety and generally unpleasant. But if we stick to what we know, he sits quiet and attentive and once we’re done he’s ready to go to sleep. God bless Sandra Boyton. I’ve read three of her books so often I can recite them word for word.

Simon has recently added a new fun trick to our bedtime routine. He’s turning pages. I can ask him to turn the page, and he will! Even better, in Boynton’s Belly Button Book there is a page on which a little ditty is sung. When we get to that page, I sing the little ditty that the hippopotami in the book sing, to a tune that I made up. Several nights ago, as I got to that page, Simon turned his head and looked up expectantly at me with his big blue eyes. I sang the song, and he grinned like a fool.

It’s what happened next that really floored me. I flipped the page to read the last page of the book, and he REACHED OUT AND FLIPPED IT BACK. And then looked at me with those expectant puppy dog eyes. Part of me realized that this could eventually transform into bedtime procrastination. A simple request for a song could next be a “glass of water,” or “another story,” and then “5 MORE MINUTES!!!” Right now he’s not procrastinating as much as he is just wanting to enjoy his book.

So really, what else could I do but sing?

Business Card Design

I could write about how tonight is the beginning of the Redskins football season, or possibly reminisce about the Hokies resounding victory this weekend in Chapel Hill. But the readers of this blog generally give a resounding “Yawn” whenever I talk sports (there are a few noted exceptions – Hi Carrie!).

But in the effort to occasionally post something to my blog, I’ve decided to post about Kate’s business, KC Quilts. She’s enlisted me to provide Web and graphic design expertise (or a an imitation thereof) for her business venture. I leave the quilt making to her.

I’ve done a couple different items for her so far. The blog, these fabric labels, and a design for a business cards were the first three items on the docket. Next up is the rest of the Web site. Today, we got her business cards in the mail from 48hourprint.com. They came out really nice, and I would definitely recommend 48 hour printing. The only complaint I have is that the coating they use stinks. No, seriously. It actually stinks. I think the business cards need to air out a bit before they are put in a holder for Kate to carry around with her. Nobody wants to be handed a stinky business card.

Splish, Splash, B&W