Redskins vs. Giants for all the Marbles.

Go Skins!I understand that my mother-in-law is now reading this blog on a semi-regular basis (Hi, Mom!). I love my in-laws dearly, and I’m super excited to be spending Christmas with them. That being said, there is a problem.

My in-laws have a thing for New York sports. Which is fine. I understand taking pride in your hometown. They have a special passion for the New York Yankees (who seem to be assembling yet another all-star team with no pitching). I’m even a good sport and continue to attend our annual Campbell/Murnane trip to an Orioles/Yankees game at Camden yards, even though we’re up to something like 12 straight losses for the home team when I’m there with Kate’s family. I kid you not!

The problem with this year’s trip to New York lies with Simon. Simon has more Yankees paraphenalia in his little room than he knows what to do with. I understand this desire to try and sway Simon to the Dark Side, and I certainly don’t begrudge them their grandparently doting, from which we have benefited greatly. And, for the most part, I try to be pretty good-humored about it. He’s got his Orioles and Nationals outfits as well, and he’ll know who I root for when he gets old enough, but I try not to get super hung-up on baseball.

But football is a different matter. Football is SACRED. My father-in-law is a Giants fan. A BIG giants fan. I, on the other hand, am a Redskins fan. A BIG Redskins fan. And I will certainly raise any child of mine to be a Redskins fan. It is, believe it or not, important to me. Last year, Kate had the good fortune to get Skins/Giants tickets from a coworker, and he and I went and saw the Redskins take the Giants out behind the woodshed for a 31-7 shellacking. In their first meeting this season, the Giants returned the favor with a 36-0 rout in NY. They meet for the second time this year in DC at 1PM on Christmas Eve. The game has playoff implications for both teams.

Simon looks dashing in both his Redskins and his Giants outfits. So I’ve been instructed that if I bring the Redskins outfit with me, I’d BETTER DARN WELL bring the Giants outfit too. Okay, maybe those exact words weren’t used, but that’s the sentiment. Of course, the middle-ground would be to place him in a Christmas outfit that day and avoid the whole issue. The problem is, he’s growing so fast we think he’s already outgrown his Christmas outfits! Slow it down there, buddy!

So I’d like to know what you, the Internet, think about this little dilemma. Do I, as a parent, have the right to indoctrinate and brainwash my child into whatever sports fandom I choose? Should I be making a stop by Babies R’ Us tonight in a desperate attempt to find a Christmas sleeper in which Simon can spend Christmas Eve? Is this the silliest and most pointless dilemma you’ve ever heard of, and you think I should just GET A GRIP? Any thoughts are welcome, although if you write anything favorable regarding the Giants be prepared for me to dismiss you out of hand, no matter how convincing your argument may be.

9 thoughts on “Redskins vs. Giants for all the Marbles.

  1. Serves you right if he ends up hating sports in general.

    I tried on his Christmas outfits today and they fit OK. No worries.

  2. I think you should put him in a Hokie outfit. Everyone loves the Hokies (not to mention the maroon can be a slight push towards……)

  3. Um, HELLO. Your wife is a quilter. This means she can sew. Clearly, she should cut the Redskins and Giants outfits in half and sew them together. Problem solved. It’s like raising your child half Catholic an half Jewish… which some would say doesn’t really work, either. Hmmm.

    And I guess if this is not possible, I vote hokie with Carrie.

  4. You are given your team at birth and there is no switching. Ever (unless, in the rare occurence that a new baseball team moves to the city in which you live, then you can root for them for at least two seasons before MLB moves that team to a more profitable city, but you still should not abandon the AL team you have known and loved since birth, no matter how hard they make it to root for them). These are important days for you and Simon, Pat. It is an important issue. But, I am a conflict avoider, so I would go with the Christmas outfit. Just remember that you see Simon everyday and change way more of his diapers than your father-in-law. There will be plenty of opportunities to make sure he is not a Giants fan. For example, if he were to learn Hail to the Redskins at a young age (dare I say, prodigy?), I bet there would be no turning back. In conclusion… Go Skins!

    Bill H.

  5. Speaking of ‘Hail to the Redskins,’ I wonder if the Giants have a catchy fight song that is racially offensive? Their name is offensive to people who are sensitive about their height.

    Bill H.

  6. Put him in the Redskins outfit; they are his GRANDPARENTS… you are his FATHER. Saying you are “bringing” the Giants outfit doesn’t mean Simon has to “wear” it 🙂

  7. there are 7 kids in my family, who all grew up watching my dad’s redskins….and who now root for no less than 4 different teams (including the dreaded giants!)…i think it’s outta your hands…

  8. Annie barely fit into her Christmas dress and sleeper. Her pudgy baby fat rolls were pudgier than ever. At least the fat is symmetrical, which rules out possible obesity.

    Anyway. Patrick, you are the father.

    When you go to heaven, God will ask you about your responsibility to your children and he will ask, “What you did to prepare them for the kingdom of heaven?” (You can start by telling them you picked excellent godparents ;-).)

    Then he will ask you “What did you teach them?”

    Don’t you want to be able to look the Big Guy in the eye & tell him you taught them to love the ‘skins?

  9. At least the dilemma is solved for one weekend…we know what Simon is going to wear on Jan 14th!!!!!!!!!!! How long has it been since a Redskins playoff win? Too long!!
    –Steve S.

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